Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hurrah for Syttende Mai!

Today Norwegians celebrate Constitution Day -- and the only reason I know is that hubby used to hang out with a bunch of Norwegians in his college days and celebrate this day -- I'm sure there much drinking of Aquavit involved.

Today we celebrated Syttende Mai with a belated (or what the kids called "Fake") Mother's Day -- Eldest just got home from college this week (Hurrah!!!), and after a Welcome back BBQ on Saturday, the kids decided that mom deserved a day off from cooking, and get to do whatever she wanted, which they predicted, correctly, was gardening! Eldest even invited her friend Amy to help with the effort: to build and fill the new planting beds. Photos will hopefully follow soon -- but the boxes are looking GREAT. The girls were awesome -- we dug soil, cut and build the boxes, went to the greenhouse and bought plants, and went for a truck-load of horse manure. WHAT A PERFECT DAY.

And, on top of all that, Eldest planned and executed some incredible cooking:
Spring rolls for lunch
homemade pasta for dinner
grated carrot and broccoli salad with pine nuts
poached pear with ricotta & berry sauce for dessert

This was the BEST meal I've had cooked for me in a LONG time -- my daughter will write a post soon on my other blog, Borealkitchen, and share these recipes.
It's great to have her back -- even if it takes me longer now to find stuff in my own kitchen -- she's still needing to learn the logic of where I keep certain things...

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