Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eldest is off to Germany

My dearest Eldest daughter!
You're off to Germany for a big adventure -- I can hardly believe that you're all grown up now, all finished with college, such a capable young lady full of promise!
You'll be getting to visit my quirky family of origin, and maybe now you'll understand your German mom a little bit better. You'll be experiencing so much -- have a beer for me at Oktoberfest: I moved away from Germany before I was old enough to go!

So here is a little bit of "advice" from Mutter to Tochter:

Sorry, can't help it, so I might just as well say it & be done with it: be careful!

Enjoy yourself: you'll have lots of fun with your positive attitude.

Expect different cultural attitudes: Germans are not just Americans in Dirndls and Lederhosen! If you approach them with an open mind, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do find communalities.

The language thing will be overwhelming at first: your head will spin -- but before you know it you'll be an old hand ordering your Wurst und Bier vom Fass!

Germans can be gruff: don't let that get to you. They're not all bad, and you'll find that the bark is worse than the bite!

Germany is full of contrasts: I can't wait to hear your impressions. Regional differences are more noticeable-- there's a much stronger sense of place.

You'll have such a wonderful adventure -- wish I could come with you! I'd grab a Rucksack and hop on a train with you -- but having your mom along would cramp your style when you meet a good-looking guy! Just do me a favor, don't come back with someone named Horst!


honeypiehorse said...

Hey that's really exciting! Will she be in the Munich area? She's welcome to visit. Unlike most Germans, I actually AM an American in a Dirndl.

Naturelady said...

HPH: And you look great in dirndl AND Lederhosen, although best not at the same time! I'd LOVE for you to meet my daughter and my sister in Munich! I'm sending you an email...

The Solipsist said...

"Germans are not just Americans in dirndl and lederhosen". . . . Hm.

It's interesting, because I've always thought that Americans were just Germans with cowboy hats and without funny accents.


Hope she has a safe trip.