Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sub-zero weather

It's COLD!!!
Probably won't get above zero degrees Fahrenheit today, and down by the river it's -20F.
Home sick, got another puker on the couch (Youngest)! So I'm too lazy to search hubby's computer for good pictures of how COLD and BEAUTIFUL our valley is right now -- but do go visit The Schneiders -An Alaskan Yurt Family blog for some great photos of this valley, including a time lapse series of the sun barely flitting along the mountains (be patient & let it load first, then click on the arrow below last picture).

Youngest and I are crawling back into bed!


PattyP said...

That is cold! We're below freezing but not below zero yet. We've also been sharing the couch due to fevers, sinusitis, and such. My mom says this happens because you can't open your windows anymore...

honeypiehorse said...

Brr. Hope you feel better soon.