Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working Girl earns big Mulah!

You know you're getting old when your baby is earning BIG BUCKS babysitting other people's kids.

Yes, Youngest, who is 12, is now in high demand: once or twice a week she babysits 2 children (a 3-yr old girl and a 1.5 yr-old boy) for a local family.
She's mastered dirty diapers, temper tantrums and is starting to see thru the toddler's attempts to manipulate her. Hopefully this last skill will come in handy when dealing with boys in Middle School!

Conversation last week:
Youngest: "Mom, how much does a car cost?"
Me: "That depends! You might be able to find an old jalopy for maybe $500 to $1000, if you're lucky."
Y: "How about a brand-new car?"
Me: "What kind?"
Y: "You know, a 4-wheel drive car or truck, something you can drive in Alaska all year round."
Me: "I guess well over $20,000 for something like a Subaru, and more like $30,000 for a truck."
Y goes off to her room with calculator...

Later that evening, I overheard her talking to her girlfriend on the phone:
"Yeah, I've been doing some calculations, and if I keep on babysitting and saving my money, I'll be able to by myself a new truck when I'm a senior in High School!"

I hated to tell her that her calculations might have been off by an order of magnitude...



Waldo said...

Maybe she is planning to raise her rates!

The Solipsist said...

Maybe she meant a truck that is new NOW.