Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to tell people I blog

I've been blogging for a while now, and enjoy it!
I started with the idea of keeping far-away friends and family posted on what's going on in my life (and in my head), but blogging has become something I'm doing because I enjoy writing, for myself, for the sake of writing: getting words on cyber-paper JUST BECAUSE. I write 2 blogs actually, and it's more likely the recipe/food blog that I might mention. But when I tell a friend or co-worker "the recipe is on my blog", I often get a funny look or stunned silence -- why that reaction to blogging?

I read a recent post on this subject by Ian (a Canadian living in Hamburg, Germany) who's blog is called Letters Home to You. I enjoy reading it, and he recently posted "How to tell people you're a blogger".
I know it’s not as if I’ve grown a second head or have one of those dumb-looking disks dangling from my earlobes, but still I hesitated before telling them. ...None of it needs any justification, rationalisation or explanation. It is what it is. So yeah, I’ve been blogging, but I’m still OK.
I do so agree with him. Blogging needs no justification. It's a personal choice, a hobby.
Some people scrapbook, others write letters to the editor of the local newspaper. Some people like to forward emails to everybody whenever they come across a funny picture or a worthwhile cause. Others post frequently on twitter or facebook, or post snapshots on picasa or blipfoto. Some people blog...

What I enjoy is having found an outlet for writing, for ideas, for discussing what matters to me, such as the environment, or good food! A lot is about my family, and perhaps that interests nobody but my family -- fair enough! Nobody has to read my blog -- hey, it's o.k. by me.
I blog because I enjoy it. PURE AND SIMPLE.

accompanying the poem'The Two-headed Monster" by Darren Sardelli


The Solipsist said...

We, too, were hesitant at first to mention our blogging, as it smacked of bragadoccio. Then we decided all modesty is false modesty, and damne the torpedos, full self-promotion ahead.

Waldo said...

I thought at first it was a generational thing, but no, pretty much across the board nobody gets it. The ones that do are the exceptions. Keep on Bloggin! hey that's a t-shirt idea!!!

PattyP said...

Yeah...I've been thinking about coming back. Thing is, I write all day for my work, so in my spare time, I want away from this computer. We'll see if anything opens up for me...