Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dirt Therapy

Tonight was the first time this year that I dug in my garden -- got dirt under my fingernails and loving it! I was mixing compost from my winter wormbox into my garden soil, planting rows of lettuce, and general tidying up after half a year of neglect (not to mention 134 inches of snow!). It was a nice warm sunny spring evening: should I even mention that this past weekend it was in the 30's and low 40's and we had snowflakes (WRONG, it was technically "graupel", which is pseudo-snow)!

Aaaaah -- SPRING is finally here. About time, given that school's out in 2 days and we're going camping next week.
The leaves on the trees are the size of squirrel's ears -- in some parts of the US that's when you plant your corn -- here it means it finally safe to direct-seed vegetables that say on the seed package: Plant after all danger of frost is past.
My family surprised me with a greenhouse for Mother's Day!!! It's still in the box, but I'm super-excited and already dreaming of harvesting tomatoes that actually turn red.

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RunninL8 said...

Since the wonderful sandbox we made Willa a few years ago remains free of actual SAND...Methinks we should just fill it with nice rich soil and make it a raised bed for veggies! I SO miss the Montana springs when it was tilling and seeding time....I have not experienced that here in AK. Some day, raised beds.