Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why don't she write?

No, I didn't get eaten by a bear, or carried away by a cloud of fierce mosquitoes! (But we did stop by this sculpture of a giant Mosquito in Delta Junction-- picture credit goes to a German blog Petaflop.de.)

We just get back from a most
wonderful camping trip to the Interior -- camping in and along the Alaska Range: it was magnificent!!! One week away from civilization (where even Sarah Palin news did not reach!) And yes, I will post pictures, but they'll have to wait, BECAUSE:

we're having an honest-to-goodness HEATWAVE here in Alaska -- we're into our second week of this amazing (above "normal") weather: it's been getting into the mid 80's (Fahrenheit) -- that's 25 C for you Europeans.

SOooo, needless to say, why blog when you can get a tan? work in the garden? drink cold beer, shooting the breeze, while sitting on the porch with good friends?

I'm afraid I might have jinxed this by (God forbid!) digging out my summer clothes yesterday(yes -- I was seen wearing SHORTS!) -- the clouds might roll in anyday!

Actually, I'd welcome some good rain for 2 reasons: first and foremost, there are a number of big forest fires burning in Alaska. Plus, at the end of this week, I'm planning to hike the Crow Pass Trail with a girlfriend (26 miles from Girdwood to Eagle River). This long-planned adventure involves crossing the Eagle River right below where it flows out of a glacier lake, and with the current heatwave causing gang-buster melting of the Eagle glacier, the river is swollen: icecold and chest high -- this will be an ICE COLD experience!

Wish us luck!

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honeypiehorse said...

My goodness this all just sounds so healthy! Good to know there are still places where you can avoid Sarah Palin news.