Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping at Eklutna

Last weekend we celebrated Father's Day by going camping, which is one of our favorite things to do during Alaskan summers. We went to Eklutna, which is really only one valley over, but a world away (no phones, no computers, no worries...). Eldest didn't join us -- alas, she's got her own life to live...

Here are some pix:

The family portrait with the Eklutna lake (actually a reservoir) in the background.

For kids, going to Eklutna is all about the MUD!!!! Our own kids seems to have gotten too old to get really INTO the MUD, so I photographed a bunch of other kids who were obviously relishing the fine glacial flour -- this is what ours used to look like whenever we went up there (they had a set of old clothes that were simply labelled "Eklutna").

Our own kids: portraits of Liesl and Wolfman.

Our friends, J & J, who joined us on Saturday.

Last, but not least, yours truly in a rather silly state, after just having re-discovered German Weizenbier!

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honeypiehorse said...

Liesl is so pretty. And that chubby little girl in the mud is just precious.