Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In love with Homer

I'm in love with Homer, and no, I'm don't mean the goofy Simpsons TV character, but rather, the town of Homer Alaska.

We spend 3 days there over Memorial Day weekend, and not for the first time, I started wondering what it would be like to live year-round in this lovely small town at the end of the road (on the Kenai peninsula South of Anchorage) overlooking Kachemak Bay.

Here are some pictures I took around town -- I love the setting, the colorful buildings, the art, but most of all the fact that this town cares about the environment and is so refreshingly liberal (unlike most of the rest of Alaska)!
The first images are of a restaurant by the name of "Cafe Cups". I hear it has excellent food, but we did not eat there -- maybe next time...

We bicycled around town a lot, and being avid readers, the family stopped by the Homer Bookstore. I just love the wooden sculpture of the "Reader" on the bookstore's front porch.

The Salty Dog Saloon is sort of a landmark on the Homer "Spit" (a tongue of land that sticks out into the bay -- you can see it on the postcard picture at the top of this post). The spit is where the tourists hang out, and we went there for halibut fish and chips.

Here a few pictures to capture some of the funkiness of the town. I don't know if it's the truck or its contents that's for sale (coal gathered on the local beach), or how regular rune readings differ from mini rune readings -- but I do know that this town has character!

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