Monday, June 15, 2009

Family vacation pictures

Bicycling & beach-combing on our recent vacation to Homer on the picturesque Katchemak Bay...

Youngest seems to be the only one willing to have a picture taken these days -- Teen boy won't let mom near him with the camera!

Liesl at the Pratt Museum donning an industrial survival suit (your only hope if capsized in the cold Alaska ocean!). Next, she's checking out a display explaining how the tilt of the earth makes Alaska's summer days so long -- right now we have over 19 hours of daylight!

Sunset at Anchor Point (about 20 miles North of Homer), with the active volcano, Mount Redoubt, in the background.

I leave you with one last picture (taken at least 5 years ago when the kids were still significantly shorter than their mother!) to appreciate that it's not always nice weather beach-combing in Alaska.


honeypiehorse said...

Lovely pictures

honeypiehorse said...

Not appropos of your lovely vacation pictures - just dropping by to say thanks for the question. It's a great one. I have ideas swirling in my head that need to be sorted so I will think on it and post my opinion on this soon. Of course, the best managers mentor others rather than mainly taking care of themselves but that's hard to suss out in an interview. I'll think on some questions that I wish some of my managers had been asked. . . ;-)