Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yikes, I was on the evening news!

I have to admit that I'm fairly camera-shy, but I did end up on the local evening news recently. The occasion was a story about the proposed expansion plans of the Nature Center where I teach.

Sooo -- if you're curious about what I look and sound like, and how taking a group of Middle Schoolers on a nature hike is a lot like herding cattle, go to KTUU and type "Eagle River Nature Center" into the search field on the upper right-hand corner (I hate to admit that I have no friggin' idea how to load a video onto this blog post).

And when you see all those bulges and are wondering if I've gained weight since you last saw me -- it's my uniform: I carry a first aid kit, radio and bear spray!


honeypiehorse said...

Wow you're famous! I had a very nice breakfast with your daughter and sister yesterday. I'm trying to convince KV to come back as an au pair next year... :-)

The Solipsist said...

"Bear spray"? The mind wanders. . . .