Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nocturnal Animals

There are a few creatures stirring in the night at our house in the wee hours of this morning: humans who cannot sleep, and our new pet, Licky! On Christmas morning Liesl finally got her wish fulfilled -- she had wanted a pet for a long time! We got her a Leopard Gecko, an easy to care for reptile that's also a lot of fun. He/she (juvenile - gender yet undetermined) eats insects, and you should see him hunt the live crickets: he stalks them and then pounces!

Liesl has been very busy with her new pet: besides reading and learning all about her new pet "Mom, did you know that geckos lick their eyeballs?", she has been rearranging the interior of the tank numerous times with logs, rocks and hiding spots. She's worriedly anticipating his first shedding, and is concerned about feeding him a healthy diet "Too many waxworms are not healthy because they're too high in fat -- it's like us eating too much bacon."

Well, rest assure, this little lizard will be well cared for!

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