Monday, March 23, 2009

Mt. Redoubt volcano erupts

Last night, Mt.Redoubt volcano erupted, and again tonight. Don't worry about us -- it's far enough away(about 100 miles) that the main thing that might happen is that the ash starts blowing this way, and then we can't go to work or school, or use our computers!
The biggest concern is for airplanes -- volcano ash is terrible for engines! I have a jar of volcano ash collected in Anchorage from when Mt.Spurr erupted in 1992: it is a fine gritty sand, quite dark.

Read more at the Alaska Volcano Observatorywebsite, including webcam pictures. The picture I'm posting now is from the last major eruption, which was around 20 years ago -- this time around there's not been as much ash as in this picture.

The National Weather Service website makes daily ashfall predictions. For now, the Anchorage area is not predicted to receive any ash, but the Susitna valley North from here has an ashfall advisory in effect at the moment.


honeypiehorse said...

Wow, I can't imagine living anywhere near a live volcano.

PattyP said...

While I don't hope for ash in your nooks, crannies, and keyboard, I do think a volcano eruption is pretty cool. Will you go see it?

Kitchen Sister said...

Why can't you go to work or school or use your computer if the ash starts falling in Anchorage- I can imagine that being outside and breathing the stuff is not good for you, but why the computer ban?

Naturelady said...

KS: Engines and computer need to be off & covered during serious ashfall to prevent their little innards from getting torn to bits by the glass-like ash -- it could destroy them!