Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Great Cricket Getaway

The other night, just starting to drift off to sleep after late-night blogging about my lastest sourdough baking adventures (, I was awakened by a panicky 12-year old: "Mom, help, I bumped the cricket box, and it fell, and now they've all escaped in my room!!!"

Yes, indeed, of the newly replenished stock of crickets (a.k.a. lizard's lunch box), all but 2 had gotten away. What to do?

Well, I tell ya, those crickets are VERY good at hiding. We looked, and looked, and found 1.
Next, I'm dragging the vacuum cleaner up the stairs (it's well past midnight by now), and we start trying to "find" crickets in the crooks and nannies of a very messy room. I doubt we found any.

Finally, we give up. I convince her it's safe to go to sleep "No, they won't hop all over you while you're sleeping...", and crawl into bed. I don't think I got to sleep until after 3 am -- was just way to awake (this old body does not deal well anymore with late-night interruptions!)

Ever since then, even after a THOROUGH vacuuming of the "cricket room", we've been encountering the occasional cricket here and there -- most frequently in the bathroom (Moisture attracts them thirsty little critters).

I hope there are not too many survivors, and that they don't start mating!
I'll keep you posted ...

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The Solipsist said...

You had us at "crooks and nannies."

Naturelady said...

Ooops -- I didn't even realize I reversed "nooks and crannies".
Who would have thunk that I'm funny...