Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I've been tagged on Facebook to write 25 things about myself (the idea is that once you read these, then you too need to write 25 random things about yourself).
This is actually a fun exercise -- you can be glib or dig deep and self-disclose (I feel the latter coming on -- be warned!)

1. I have this thing about not being able to waste water. Perhaps it's because since my childhood I've lived in situations where water was scarce: Chile, Philippines, the Western US, and now right here in Alaska... Anyway, it drives me crazy to see a faucet running!

2. Hunger, poverty and injustice are right alongside #1. And I so often feel powerless when faced with these -- like there is so little I can do as an individual. But that's no reason to let that paralyze me into inaction. Still, I feel guilty I don't do more...

3. Guilt & worrying aside, I actually am a pretty cheerful person. That is, if I had my morning coffee!

4. I can be very organized in some areas of my life, yet completely messy in others.

5. Timeliness is important to me. I think it is a sign of disrespect to be late. This one causes me problems, because it is also such a cultural thing: the German in me has a difficult time with Americans' more casual relationship with punctuality.

6. Expressing my creativity is important to me: being able to create, design & make things with my own hands. And so I knit, sew, write -- it's not necessary that these be pieces of art, but rather that they nourish my soul.

7. I rarely follow assembly instructions. I'll open the box and lay out all the parts and figure out the puzzle for myself. I guess I just like that challenge. I won't hesitate to consult the instruction booklet when I'm stuck, however.

8. My appearance is not all that important to me -- don't worry, I do shower and comb my hair, but I don't wear make-up, dye my graying hair, or wear trendy clothes. It just does not mean much to me, and I appreciate that my family is ok with that.

9. I can be very impatient in certain situations -- if I have to wait around somewhere, I NEED to have a book or some knitting to keep me sane. It is VERY difficult for me to just sit still with nothing to do. It does help to listen to music or National Public Radio, however.

10. Spectator sports baffle me -- I just don't "get" it (especially American Football). Even when my own children are on the sport field, I watch, but I can never "get" how upset or involved the other parents get in the game or race. I mean, it's only a game, after all -- and the outcome, winning or losing, seems irrelevant to me (I know this seems very un-American, and they could deport me for this: psssst!)

11. Politics, however, I do take seriously. As opposed to sports, politics do have the potential for truly affecting the world around me...

12. I don't watch TV. Again, that goes with not having the patience to sit through endless junk and ads. We're raising our children without TV, and they too seem to feel that they're better off without it.

13. I love a good movie or book, be it heavy or light, tragic or funny, it just has to be well-written.

14. I really miss old friends who live far away. All this moving business takes its toll, and it is difficult to keep friendships going over long distances. It want to stay in touch, of course, and I do appreciate the effort that goes into that. I am thankful to friends who have not given up on me for being such a "spotty" letter writer.

15. Although I am not much of a party-goer, I do enjoy socializing, preferably in a small intimate setting. I don't do well if there's loud music, partly because I just don't hear that well.

16. I do enjoy a glass of wine or beer, but I don't have much of a tolerance for alcohol (in myself or others). Not that I'm a teetotaler, but rather, I can't drink much before getting silly and tired, and I don't think it's fun being around loud noisy drunks. My husband once jokingly described me as a "cheap date" -- it does not take much champagne or tequila before I get tipsy!

17. I do have a problem with being too serious much of the time, and maybe I don't loosen up enough (see #16).

18. I can be awfully "brisk" or "short" on the telephone. I probably inherited that from my German father who seems to think that telephones are only for the conveyance of critical information. I never have gotten good at "smalltalk" -- when I call somebody up, I usually get right to business, without first chatting.

19. My English is pretty good, for the most part. There's a definite accent still, but I'm told that I'm perfectly understandable. But if I get flustered or tired, then my language skills diminish. And after a visit to my family in Germany, it takes me a while to get back in the groove... And I still count in German!

20. I'm still fairly new to yoga, but I love it! Regular exercise is important to keeping me healthy both physically and mentally, and I'd much rather go on a long hike or do yoga than participate in a competitive sport (see #10). Perhaps I'm not disciplined enough to push myself that hard -- I admire those that do, but it's just not my cup to tea.

21. I love ethnic food, and enjoy eating and cooking it. I'm a good cook, and will happily invent, substitute, or add to a recipe. The results are occasionally disastrous, although luckily not too often.

22. I'm fairly hard-working, too much so at times! I end up tackling too much and getting exhausted before finishing the many projects I've started. I wish I'd learn to scale back. But somehow it seems important to me to challenge myself -- even if it's unrealistic to be able to get it all done. I wonder what that says about me?

23. Children, to me, are the future. I think it's terribly important to leave them a good world, an intact planet. I love children,and I don't mean just my own children, but all the children of the world. I have a soft spot for children and childrens' causes, like other people have for lost puppies and kittens.

24. Having and raising my own children has by far been the best thing in my life -- my life is so much richer than it ever would have been without them.

25. I love my husband, my family and friends. It's humbling and exhilarating to be loved. I don't care if it sounds trite, but love is the greatest, and to me, any religion or philosophy that has love at it's core is worthy in my opinion.

Phew -- didn't think I could come up with 25!
By the way, I have to add that I am tolerant of people who are not exactly like me. I can be friends with someone who does wear make-up and watches football on TV. I'm just not good company on Superbowl Sunday if you don't at least let me knit during the game...


WSW said...

My dear, I am so happy that you shared this! I did mine on Facebook and was a glib as ever, but that is part of my charm, right??!!? I suspect that you and I are much alike, and my suspicions are validated by what you wrote, especially the German elements of who you are. Funny, huh?! Good for you for doing yoga, I have enjoyed it on and off for years.
Before I forget, Thank you for the book. I am looking forward to reading it this week, as I am just finishing the book I was on. I think you are awesome for sharing something wonderful and I intend to PAY IT FORWARD! You rock, chickee!

Naturelady said...

Thanks, WSW, I'm touched!
It was an amazing experience to post this on Facebook (as in "am I really about to send this into Cyberspace?"). I only recently have re-connected with old classmates I went to High School with (in the Philippines, of all places). Anyway, my old schoolmates sent me such positive feedback, like "this is so YOU", or "this is the best list of 25 yet", and "thanks for your honesty and thoughtfulness".
It's amazing how this has brightened up an otherwise very gray and cold February day!

Christina | said...

This was really interesting. We have a lot in common, especially number 4. I'm incredibly organized in some areas but a complete mess in others.