Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Special, anyone?!?

I admit that I recycled this post -- but not only is it perfect for Valentine's Day Eve (and I'm too tired to think of something original tonight), it also shows that I'm not always serious, and that I too, have a glib side:

In these hard economic times, people are always looking for ways to save money. Here's a helpful hint for Valentine's Day (if you're in the market...)

We do some of our shopping at a big warehouse store (Costco), where you'll find multi-packs of many household items: double, triple, even sixtuple the normal amounts of ketch-up, coffee-filters, tampons, or whatever else you might be looking for -- often you get twice of what you need for half the price!

Today the Prof, my husband, saw an announcement that you can pre-order Roses for Valentine's Day. SPECIAL: 35 roses for $65
Who needs 35 roses? A cheating husband, of course! What a deal, we both chuckled and simultanously said that: "Perfect for the guy who has a wife AND a mistress or two!" Only at Costco...


honeypiehorse said...

That is so random. Shounldn't it be 36? Otherwise someone gets short-changed, PROBABLY the wife.

Naturelady said...

I'll be carefully counting the flowers in my Valentine's Bouquet this year (and if you read my 25 random things -- you know that I still count in German...) there better be ZWOELF!