Friday, October 3, 2008

Alaska Harvest

It's harvest time. We got our first slushy snowflakes (mostly rain though) yesterday.
I'm stocking up on potatoes and other produce from the Farmer's Market, which is in its last week. Some of my favorites are the purple varieties!
Potatoes grow very well here -- but mine did not make it this year. My potato patch is located over the septic area we feared needed to be torn up (phew -- it didn't!) but that explains the general neglect!
Most years my cabbages are harvested by the moose before I get to them -- so now I'm growing them in pots -- still got some kohlrabi hanging under the house eves.

Growing tomatoes is not really possible without a greenhouse. I have 2 potted tomato plants I've been babying since May, carrying them in and out of the house depending on the weather. They produced some decent grape/cherry-sized tomatoes. BUT... thanks to the South Dakotan branch of the family, we recently received a box of the tastiest, juciest big tomatoes (Thanks, Jerry!)
Our Alaskan friends and neighbors are so JEALOUS!

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