Monday, October 6, 2008

Germany Trip, Part 1

Now that it's snowing here, I finally have some time to go over pictures from this past summer. NO -- this is not Alaska! We have hardly any buildings over 100 years old. I don't know how old this Rathaus (city hall) is, but Alaska didn't even have much of a Russian presence here when it was built...

This past August, my parents generously invited us to visit Germany. The prof could not get away, but I got to fly over with the Wolfman & Liesl. First stop was my parents home in Saarbruecken. The city's name literally translates to "SaarBridges".

As a child, spend a great deal of time rowing on the Saar River, which you can see here flowing under the oldest bridge, Alte Bruecke.

These last few pictures were taken in Spichern, on the border with France. Not only is there evidence of WW2 (tanks and bunkers)...

...but also memorials commemorating the Franco-Prussian wars of the 1870's.
The kids got to play "war" much like I did as a child with my siblings -- exploring bunkers, looking for bomb craters in the woods, etc.

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