Monday, October 6, 2008

An Old Lady on aging

I'm getting to be an OL (Old lady), at least that's what I gather from the media. Together with the ads for anti-wrinkle cream and hair dyes, I read an article in this morning's paper that if you're over 40, you're an OL, "you are a faded rose, desiccated fruit. A goner... You don't have an edge."

Really? What happened to aging gracefully? What happened to wisdom? It wasn't that long ago that 72-year old McCain was blasting Obama for not having enough experience to be president -- and then he turns around and nominates inexperienced young sexy Sarah Palin to be his VP -- but I don't want to go THERE today!

So I'm in my (late) 40's, can see 50 from here, wear flannel shirts and still don't wear make-up. I don't feel a need to use artificial means to look younger in order to be better at the things that matter to me -- being a mom, a friend, a teacher. My hair has got some serious streaks of gray going, and for the record, I refuse to dye it!

I look at many women around me who spend lots of money and time on make-up and hairdye, and I wonder why? If it's truly what makes them happy, then great. But how many are doing it because they feel (subconsciously perhaps) forced into it by society's expectations - i.e. it's just not acceptable to look the way you naturally are! Are they afraid their husbands, friends, colleagues, etc would reject them? How very sad...

Sometimes it seems to me that America, and perhaps the West as a whole, seems to be getting shallower and shallower. While professing that we believe in equality (gender, race, etc), deep down we don't seem to really practice it. In November, this country will elect a new president, and my sincere hope is that the American people can elect a capable & qualified leader, and not be swayed by looks, race, or other superficial things. In November, I will celebrate my birthday with family and friends who accept me as I am!

Art credit for the old lady drawing: Jack Noel (UK)


RunninL8 said...

Damn, straight and you are hardly a faded flower, my beautiful friend.

Charlotte said...

Great post. As you said over on my blog, Germans do tend to embrace their age a little more. But I also think that as American culture pervades, people are changing and trying all the anti-aging gimmicks they can get their hands on.

We need to start a backlash! Grey-hairs unite!