Monday, October 13, 2008

Germany, Part 2: my brother's family

It's fun to look at these pictures from our Germany trip this summer: T-shirts and shorts weather! Sunshine and lots of HEAT.

After spending the first week with my parents in Saarbrucken (see Germany, part 1), we hopped on a train to visit family in other locales. My brother Max lives with his family in Bensheim an der Bergstrasse, not far from Frankfurt and Heidelberg.

They built a new house 2 years ago,

and their neighborhood (Auerbach) is guarded in the distance by the Auerbacher Schloss. The castle ruins are visible behind the kids playing in the alley, trying to walk on stilts and ride the "Pedalo" -- the challenge is to keep moving the pedals without losing your balance.

Being big fans of medieval castles, we had fun climbing the tower and looking back down toward Bensheim on the Rhine river plain, with the hills behind us the beginning of the Oderwald.

We also climbed the "Felsenmeer" (literally sea of boulders). It's a glacial feature, but the local legends have the best explanation: 2 giants were wooing the same giantess, and started throwing boulders at each other to win the girl. "That must have been some girl!" was Wolf's comment! In typical german fashion, we found a kiosk at the top, where you can buy refreshments (including beer, of course) and "Heisse Wurst", hot sausage.

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