Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Strassbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, France

Strassbourg is an amazing city. The medieval old town in surrounded by a protective moat-like canal, on which tourists, like us, can take a boat tour. You get earphones and can listen to your guide in just about any language!

Strassburg is the seat of the European Parliament, the very modern-looking building our boat is approaching -- what a contrast to the row houses that have lined the canal since the Middle Ages.

The Cathedrals in Europe are what impressed the children the most: their age, size, architecture, stained glass windows, multiple wings and altars, and lastly the guilded pipe organs.

Tone lights some candles so her papa, who is all alone back in Alaska, won't be so lonely without his family. And outside the cathedral, we meet a mime who's all silver (remember you can click on any picture to see more details).

Our day in Strassbourg was a "fantastisch"!
But I don't have a picture of the punks we met on the train at night on our way back to Saarbruecken....

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